Component Repairs, PMA's & DER Engineering Services

Blades and vanes are our specialty. The company’s lead engineer worked for a major airline in the blades, vanes and bearings department. During that time, he made improvements to the blades and re-engineered a nozzle guide vane, making him the only engineer in the country to do a Supplemental Type Design on a major engine part outside of the original manufacturer of the engines.


Our proprietary turbine blade repair takes blades headed for the scrap bin and restores them to a “like new” condition with an improved vapor deposition coating. Air Alliance works with a world class coating company to provide better coatings for the extremely hot operating environment of the turbine blades. Our coating partner was a world class research institute and invented the the vapor deposition coating and designed the equipment used by our competitors.


Our engineering group has more than 40 years of experience. We don’t just design repairs; we design repairs with improvements.



We provide high quality PMA parts and repairs at extremely competitive prices. We understand that our customers need the best repairs at the best possible price. Our repairs are done with product improvement in mind. We provide superior quality at competitive prices.

We provide FAA approved DER Repairs and can design PMA’s upon request. We are a Production Approval Holder and our engineers have designed over 1,500 PMA’s. We design PMA’s on request for shops that can not find parts or believe the parts are too expensive.

FAA Certified Part 145 Repair Station AAIR865D

The only repair station in the Florida Keys.

What We Do

  • Repair turbine blades, duct segments and nozzle guide vanes to a “like new” condition
  • Develop and Design FAA Approved Repetitive Repair Specifications for repair of component parts of the HPT section of aircraft engines with a concentration on blades and vanes
  • Design PMA’s per customer requests after market parts for FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval for example the fan case shrouds for the A320 aircraft