FAA Approved DER Repairs

1st Stage High Pressure Turbine Blades for the V2500 Engine

Pictured to the left is our V2500-A1 1st stage high pressure turbine blade repair.  There are three blades, as removed, pre-coating and after coating.  These turbine blades experience cracks on the cooling holes and tip.  These blades suffer from corrosion, oxidation and erosion. AAI developed a proprietary repair process that removes corrosion and repairs the blades to a “like new” condition.  The original coating was replaced with a vapor deposition coating to allow for better wear after the repair. 

The cost of this repair is less than 50% of the cost of a new blade.

1st Stage HPT Duct Segments for the V2500 Engine

As Removed

Above is an as removed HPT duct segment.  These segments are examined for burn through or crack damage, if deemed acceptable for repair they are restored to a “like new” condition


Above is a restored HPT duct segment.

2nd Stage HPT Duct Segments for the V2500-A1 Engine

Above you can see the “as removed” second stage duct segment and a fully restored duct segment.

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